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Mad tactics

Pains and sorrows of life, inevitable, and more. Is gracious gratitude, of course.

What, then, have any grudges against it? How to deal with? It is often said that the proper way to report non-gentleman: any grudges. I agree.

Hatred formation principle unprovoked murder, if not revenge, it is difficult to vent grievances. Modern statement, grievances backlog too much for too long, cause cancer. Therefore, to air their grievances hatred, can be considered a healthy way.

However, in general, gratitude easily avenge difficult. I have a sure way to avenge the almost unfailing accuracy.

Tell you, to annihilate the enemies, and defeating the enemy, the best way to strengthen themselves.

For example, if you romance is innocent abandon, abandon their own love wins bear grudges, want revenge and want assurance of success, and must not be passive, but to gain the initiative. Initiative is a comprehensive plan and control. Recommendation: breakup, sad to three days, the fourth day sat words into action "strengthen" their own, "armed" themselves, including multi-school read aloud to increase knowledge, to make more friends in order to broaden their hearts and do more exercise to exercise good posture, more buy new clothes and cosmetics to strive for beautiful, a lot of work to seek the cause of pride.

After some time, you have a new look, really have the opportunity to meet again old companion, let him breath. Take your comparison with rival than her, stronger than her, than she is beautiful, rich than her social status than her, than her life more fun, more chic. Imagine what you hate at all? What wronged in their hearts?

Worse still, if your enemy has you convinced new packaging, even happy for you and applaud you, basically, he has not your enemy, and can be regarded as your friends.

To be impressed by the enemies, how can there not need the blood and sweat of business? The hard work is inevitable. Spent a lot of thought effort futile, the event also provoke enemies to make fun, why bother?

So, I have the grace any grudges must be reported revenge is always a demand already and it-yourself, self-interest and not harmful. Please believe me, really, I often victory.